About BarBingoTV

BarBingoTV is a sweepstakes spin on a very old game. Customers are invited to play for prizes supplied by local businesses and by the bar itself. The big draw is that it is 100% free for customers to play and win! 

We began offering FreeN’ Fun BarBingo in local clubs and bars in January 2014.

What started as six locations quickly grew to multiple shows 7 nights per week. Some locations are enjoying such great success with their FreeN’ Fun BarBingo night that they are adding second and third nights. What sets FreeN’ Fun BarBingo apart from the rest? Instead of a ball cage, numbers are drawn randomly by professional software that displays each called number on TV screens at your location. 

This concept has been upgraded to allow for a virtual host to call all the action and still be interactive! This is what we call BarBingoTV 

The Future is NOW.

BBTV is an inexpensive alternative to a live bingo session, and is great way to pick up lagging off-hour sales.  Players play bingo by downloading the FNF Couch Bingo App to their phone or tablet.  After registering an account, customers can play along with other participants that are playing at home or at other bars. Using an Amazon Fire Stick, your bar TV displays the numbers as they are drawn.  Bars can choose to turn the TV volume up to hear the live host calling bingo, and see the host right on their TV screens. 

Players can communicate directly with the host and other players by using the App’s chat room.

Through their phones, customers can hear a celebrity voice calling the game.  Voices are provided by professional celebrity impersonators. 

People do not have to be present at a bar to play on the FNF Couch Bingo App, but are attracted to Bar Bingo TV by the upgraded prizes that are offered by the bar/restaurant and Bar Bingo TV.

Get The Hottest Game In Town!

Corporate office address: 12740 Cal Sag Rd., Suite#3, Crestwood, IL 60418 (Not Open To Pubic)